Documents required for Spain visa

Spain visa

Spain visas are issued in two types, short-term and long-term.The first type is issued for at least six months and the second type for at most five years.The best way to get a Spain visa is as a group tour.Because often, acting alone causes rejection.

Types of short-term visas

  • tourist visa
  • Airport and sea transit visa
  • Family visa
  • Study visa
  • Short-term work visa

Types of long-term visas

  • Long-term work visa
  • Long-term study visa
  • marriage visa
  • Company registration visa
  • Financial Ability visa

Required Documents 

  • Spain visa application form
  • Two photos 4.5*3.5
  • Passport
  • Account circulation and Financial Ability
  • tickets
  • Watcher Hotel
  • Original and translation of all property documents
  • Visa payment receipt
  • Employment certificate or letter of employment
  • travel insurance



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